Our Instructors

You can read more about the history of our driving school here but read on if you would like to meet our excellent team.

James Keller
Chief Instructor

profile1_38James has provided driving instruction for over 20 years to adults and teenagers. Over 96% of his students pass their driving test on their first try. He takes pride in the quality driving instruction James Keller Driving School provides to the community. When not with his time with students and colleagues, James can be found with his lovely wife Mary, two hilarious sons Joe and Henry, and spunky youngest daughter Sarah.

Sandra Masters
Classroom Instructor

profile1_21Sandra enjoys teaching drivers the basics of defensive driving before they get on the road. After all, a good education helps her students make good decisions behind the wheel! She also enjoys running, spending time with her family, and traveling (by car, of course!)

Pete Hammond
Driving Instructor

profile1_40Pete is Mr. funny man, known for making even the most nervous driver laugh into relaxation before getting behind the wheel for the first time. A former basketball coach for 10 years, Pete believes that communication, practice, and trust are critical for educating his students. He also likes big dogs, loves his small kids, and eats barbeque with friends in the backyard every day of the summer.

Jennifer (Jenny) Miller
Driving Instructor

profile1_39Jenny has taught driving instruction for 15 years to adults and teenagers. With her dad being a former cop, Jenny grew up with a respect for the law and always wants her drivers to learn the best defensive driving skills for transporting themselves, friends, and family.